Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Needs a FunnyBone

I hope that my blogs taught you something. One thing is for sure I learned alot by doing these blogs. I now know how serious America is. The American country needs to lighten up and relax. Little comments can be blown out of portion. This wouldn't happen if we just learn how to take a joke.

For example when President Obama made the comment on the speacial olympics, everyone was in a state of disbelief. I saw that as a person just having a good time. We as Americans put alot of unnessacry pressure on our leaders. Pressure like that can haze their vision.

So lets not be the serious country all the time. Sometimes all a country need is a little humor. And stop hating on Obama for having a sense of humor. We got bigger things to worry about like gay marriage but thats a different story.


  1. Ryston, nice opinion post. I would love to see you write your own satirical/ funny commentary on America. Start collecting some good material to work with.


    Pretend like you are writing a script for John Stewart on the Daily Show. What would you say if you were the star?

  2. We all take ourselves too seriously, don't we. You make a very good point. Everyone is so worried about being politically correct, and not offending anyone, that we can't even laugh at ourselves sometimes.