Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama Give them the finger Please

Dear President Obama,

I am writing this letter to comend you on the great job you are doing. You have a great economic plan, great healthcare plan and I love your foreign policies. But one thing I wish you would do before you leave office is give a big black presidential finger to the critics that are on your back. I know you are a liberal classy man, but come on reach into your black roots your father bestowed into you and "let them have it". You are changing things, makin jobs ,fixing relation across the world and all they can talk about is how they still want McCain.
They don't even apperciate the thing you already did. Everytime they invite you somewhere they want you to show them your jumpshot (nice form by the way) but you are not Kareem Abdul Jabar im sorry. Another reason that you should let that finger in the middle go is because, they are aurging with some of your polices. How can they aurge with you about meeting with leaders, that we don't maybe agree with across the world. Haven't they heard of keeping your enemy close.
They rather you use there method, which is keep on poking a monster until it attacks. President Obama please for the sake of your supporters flip the bird one good time, we will understand.

P.S. Maybe you should wait until you Presidency is over. lol

Friday, May 8, 2009

Was this supposed to be funny?

In this article Low flying plane by Ted Sherman it express an incident that had the American people sitting at the end of the seats. On April 27 2009 an plane flew low around the manhatthan New Jersy and Yonkers area. It was Air force one plane. Many Americans were scared because of what happen in 2001 September 11.And they stated they was doing it to take pictures of the plane next to the Staute.

Was this supposed to be funny? We all know how that area is real senitive when it comes to planes flyin above. They have the right to be scared. Because that only brings up bad memories.

The One

President Obama is the one. The one black powerful leader who will not "bite the bullet". Being our nations first black president he is a target for assaination. But as you can see in this picture he is not having it.